Social Science/ Humanities & Liberal Arts

  • International Conference on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation: Alleviating Poverty during Global Uncertainties


Financial Management

  • PSE-UST Certified Securities Specialist Course


  • UAP-UST Certified Heritage Conservation Specialist Course
  • Certificate Course on Art History

Educational Management

  • CEAP-UST Certified Student Affairs Specialist Course

Health & Natural Sciences

  • PPhA-UST Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist Course
  • UST Certified HACCP Specialist Course
  • -omics and matics: Modern Tools for Biodiversity Studies
  • Certificate Course on Fish Parasitology: Ecology of Helminth Parasites in Aquatic Systems
  • SLMC-UST Certificate Course in Pharmacotherapy


Human Resource Management

  • Seminar-Workshop on Job Evaluation and Salary Administration
  • Seminar-Workshop on Winning Strategies in Negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreement

Financial Management

  • Seminar on Sustainable Banking Systems: Greening the Banking Industry

Business Management/ Entrepreneurship

  • Seminar-Workshop on the Practical Approach to Effective Office Communication and Business Writing


  • Seminar-Workshop on Clinical Interviewing in Psychology: An Art and A Science
  • Seminar-Workshop on Psychological Utility of Children’s Drawings

Engineering/ Technology Management/ Design

  • Seminar on Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization: An Applied Research in Actual Cases
  • Seminar-Workshop on Energy Auditing

Educational Management

  • Seminar-Workshop on Instructional Leadership and Supervision
  • Seminar-Workshop on Implementing Outcome-Based

Engineering Programs

  • Seminar on Enhancing Graduate Education and Research
  • Seminar on Varying Perspectives and Research Resources in Philippine History
  • Seminar-Workshop on Effective Teaching for Engineering Educators
  • Seminar-Workshop on Teaching Strategies on Demanding Concepts in Organic Chemistry


PSE-UST Certified Securities Specialist Course (CSSC) – partner company The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc.


CEAP-UST Certified Student Affairs Specialist Course (CSASC) - partner company Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines


UAP-UST Certified Heritage Conservation Specialist Course (CHCSC) - partner company United Architects of the Philippines


PPhA-UST Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist Course (CPSC) - partner company Philippine Pharmacists Association


UST Certificate Course in Pharmacotherapy