General Information

The University of Santo Tomas Graduate School Alumni Association, Inc. (GSAAI) was officially incorporated in 1971. Since then until the present, it has endeavoured to faithfully observe the objectives for which it was created.

The objectives of the GSAAI are the following:

  1. To establish a closer and stronger relationship between and among the UST Graduate School alumni through various programs, projects, and activities
  2. To serve as an active conduit or link between the Graduate School and its alumni wherever they are situated, local or international, through various networks;
  3. To provide opportunities and/or venues for the professional and personal growth of its alumni-members, through lecture series, symposia, conferences, among others;
  4. To undertake projects that are scientific and/or academic in nature, through linkages with other learning institutions, local and international;
  5. To extend humanitarian and charitable projects, primarily for the welfare of its alumni when deemed necessary, the community, especially the marginalized sector;
  6. To participate and be actively involved in advocacy programs and issues of international, national and local interests;
  7. To provide supplemental financial assistance to deserving Graduate School students in their thesis or dissertation writing.