A. Master’s (M.A./M.S.) Degree

  1. The MA/MS Graduate School program includesTwo (2) Pre-requisite courses: Research Methodology and St. Thomas on Critical Thinking.
  2. The total number of units required are: Pre-requisites (6 units): Research Methodology and St. Thomas on Critical Thinking; Core (9 units), Major (15 units), Cognates (3 units) and Thesis Writing I-Thesis Proposal (3 units), Thesis Writing II-Research Colloquium (3 units) and Thesis III-Thesis Oral Defense (3 units). Please note that some graduate programs require Research Methodology as the only prerequisite subject, in this case the student will have to take two cognate subjects equivalent to (6 units). Students who did not enroll St. Thomas on Critical Thinking as one of their prerequisite subjects may enroll it as one of their cognate subjects.   All in all an MA/MS candidate must have earned a total of forty-two (42) units of academic courses. In case that a particular program has a different distribution of units specially on the core and major subjects, the 42 units requirement for the master’s program is observed.
  3. As a general rule, an MA/MS degree program may be completed within two (2) years of residency, i.e., enrolled for at least four (4) consecutive semesters. If a student is enrolled only during Summer Terms, a minimum of five (5) Summer Terms is required. The maximum residency for the masters degree is five (5) years. Students who overstayed beyond the maximum residency must take reactivation courses. (Please refer to the provisions regarding reactivation courses  pp. 28-30).
  4.   There are some programs which require that the applicant take some undergraduate (foundation) courses as preparatory courses if the applicant’s Bachelor’s degree is different from the MA/MS degree he wishes to pursue.

A student for an MA/MS degree not corresponding to his Bachelor’s degree should finish at least eighteen (18) units of major undergraduate courses in the area of specialization, subject to the approval of the Discipline Consultant, before proceeding to graduate work.

Those in the MBA and MSC programs whose undergraduate degree is non-Business or Economics, must take nine (9) additional units as foundation courses.

However, there are Master’s degree programs that require a corresponding identical Bachelor’s degree program, e.g., Law and Nursing. For example, but not limited to, a Bachelor’s degree in Pol. Sci. cannot apply immediately for an Ll. M. degree. This is in view of the fact, that the Ll. M. requires both an A.B./B.S. and Ll.B. degrees prior to the Ll. M. program.

Also, graduates of the professional degrees like, but not limited to, M.D., D.M.D., D.V.M., O.D., J.D. or Ll.B. and alike must first take and obtain the master’s degree program prior to their application to the Doctorate, meaning the Ph.D. degree program.

  1. The MBA, MSC, MS HRM and other management related graduate programs require (1) year work experience prior to admission into the program.