Lopez, Arnulfo


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Major in Clinical Psychology “Benemeritus” 1991 University of Santo Tomas
    Master of Arts in Psychology


    1988 University of Santo Tomas
    Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

    Minor in Sociology

    1984 San Pablo Seminary
    Diplomate in Hypnotherapy December, 2007 Banyan Hypnosis Center, Tustin California, U.S.A.
    Certified Hypno-Anesthesia Therapist March, 1996 Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis, Fortwane, Indiana, U.S.A.



As Main Author

Title Place of Publication and Publisher Publication Date
“Test Anxiety and Hypnosis” UST Journal of Graduate Research March, 1990
“P.I.R.S.” (psychological Incapacity Rating Scale) Copyright No. A2002-2217, The National Library, Manila June, 2002
Treatment Effects of Hypnotic Relaxation among students with Functional Insomnia Philippine Women’s University Research Journal December, 2004
Personality Characteristics of Elite Table Tennis Athletes of the Philippines: Basis for a Proposed Recruitment Program Rotterdam, The Netherlands May 6-7, 2011
Competitive Readiness Scale for Table Tennis Athletes Sports Science Congress, Paris, France Maya 11-12, 2013


As Co-Author

Title Place of Publication and Publisher Publication Date
Psychometric Test Educational Publishing House, Manila 2008
Human Resources Management Educational Publishing House, Ermita, Manila 2010