Dogma, Irineo

Rank: Professor

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  • Ph.D. Botany Minors in Biochemistry, Protozoology  (1970) - University of Michigan, USA
  • M.S. Plant Pathology Minors in Botany, Microbiology, Biochemistry (1966) - University of the Philippines (Los Baños)
  • B.S. Agriculture Major in Plant Pathology, Microbiology (1964) - University of the Philippines (Los Baños)


  • As sole author
    “Food for thought on maize downy mildew research”
    Proc. Southeast Asia Regional Sympo- sium on Plant Diseases in the Tropics, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
    7-11 Sept 1972
    “Guide to Philippine Flora & Fauna. Fungi. vol 1
    Dept. Natural Resources & UP NSRI,QC
    “Basic Microbiology Research in the Philippines”
    First G.O. Ocfemia Memorial Symposium, PSM, Manila
    “Guide to Philippine Flora & Fauna. Fungi. vol. II
    Dept. Natural Resources & UP NSRI,QC
    “Zoosporic Fungi, In Philippine Flora & Fauna, vol  I”
    Alemars Book Co., Quezon City
    “Bioscience 101 – Laboratory Manual”. Anonymous
    Biology Dept., UST College of Science
    “Mycology – Laboratory Manual”
    “Professor Josefina G. Flores – On the occasion of her retirement”.
    Submitted to Office for Public Relations & Alumni Affairs, UST
    “Mycology Laboratory Manual, revised edition”
  • As co-author
  • “Maize downy mildew research”. O.R. Exconde, I.J.
    Dogma, Jr., F.A. Elazegui
    Southeast Asian Regional Center for Agriculture (SEARCA), Manila
    “Monospore culture of Sclerospora on corn”. I.J. Dogma, Jr., O.R. Exconde, R.G. Bayot
    Philipp. Phytopath. Proc. 4th Nat’l Pest Control Council Conf., Legazpi City
    “In vitro exploration of Jatrofida, an experimental herbal germicidal soap with J. multifida latex”. D.C. Ontengco, N.V. Lerma, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    Proc. 16th Asian Congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences,  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    “Light Inhibition of Photobacterium leiognathi as bioindicator of heavy metal pollution” T.E.E. dela Cruz, M.B. Ancheta, R.P. Capaque, M.E. Perez, T.E. Mantes, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    Proc. 26th Annu. Convention, PSM, Lucban, Quezon
    “Laboratory Techniques in Basic Microbiology (A Discovery Approach)”. I.J. Dogma, Jr.,  E.A. Quinto, M.C. Valdez, T.E.E. dela Cruz, J.G. Flores, S.R. Reselosa
    “Comparative biodegradation of synthetic and microbial plastics”. C.A. Vaghaye, M.L. Tansengco, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    GS-UST Poster paper
    “Fungal degradation of low-density polyethylene plastic”. C.A. Vaghaye, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    Proc. 27th Annu. Convention, PSM, Manila Hotel
    “Microbial degradation of poly β-hydroxybutyrate using landfill soils from Carmona, Cavite and San Mateo, Rizal”. M.L. Tansengco, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    Proc. 27 Annual Convention, PSM, Manila Hotel
    ( Best Poster Paper)
    “Strain Improvement of oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus by mycelial anastomosis”. L.M. Castillo, N.G. Catanes, R.V.. Dychangco, J.C. Legaspi, R.T. Pabustan, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    Proc. 27th Annu. Convention, PSM, Manila Hotel
    “Use of sweet potato extract for the production of gluconic acid by Aspergillus niger”.  M.T.E. Manipon, M.L.U. Po, M.C.L. Red, R.A. Salvador, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    (5)    DOGMA, JR., I. J.
    Proc. 27th Annu. Convention, PSM, Manila Hotel. Also titled “Some factors for optimum production of gluconic acid from Ipomoea batatas by Aspergillus niger.” Second Prize, Sibol Award, DOST Nat’l Inventors Week, Megatrade Hall, SM, Mandaluyong City
    “Bacterial reductions of lead concentration in polluted waters”. L.M.R. Academia, Pn.N.L. Buenaventura, M.C.C. Coronel, C.D.R. Duque, M.C.C. Elefaño, I.J. Dogma, Jr.  m
    Proc. 27th Annu. Convention, PSM, Manila Hotel. Also with the same title, Third Prize, Sibol Award, DOST  Nat’l Inventors Week, Megatrade Hall, SM, Mandaluyong City
    “”Making do in the isolation and culture of extremely thermophilic, strictly anaerobic bacteria”. M.C. Valdez, I.J. Dogma, Jr., J.G. Flores
    Proc. 28th Annu. Convention, PSM, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
    12-13 May 1999
    “Philippine myxobacteria and their potentials for antibiosis”. R.O. Garcia. I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    Proc. New Zealand and Australian Microbiological Societiesi
    “In vitro antifungal activity of Bacillus megaterium”. M. N.E. Ritumalta, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    Proc. 38th Annu. Convention, PSM,
    Naga City
    May, 2010
    “Oxidative degradation of sodium dodecyl sulphate by Philippine indigenous bacteria – a double-edged sword”. R.V. Baluyot, M. Uy, E.J. Quinto, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    17th Biological Science Graduate Congress, Chulalongkorn Univ., Bangkok, Thailand
    “Introducing – Myxobacteria” A.T. Buaya, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    12th  PNMMC Annual Symposium & General Assembly, Meriam College, QC (Best Poster Paper)
    “Lytic phages on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Esche- richia coli”.  P.B. Buiser, D. M.Papa, I.J.Dogma, Jr.
    12th  PNMMC Annual Symposium & General Assembly, Meriam College, QC
    “Screening and identification of detergent-tolerant
    bacterial strains from contaminated waters”. R.V.C. Baluyot, M.M. Uy, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    ASPB Annual Convention, Pampanga
    “Exploring the potential of Philippine soil as a source of myxobacterial-derived anticoagulant”. S.G.A. Martin, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    PAMET Research Competition
    (2nd Prize), Trinity Univ. of Asia
    Sept 2014
    “Myxobacteria as biocontrol agents against phytopathogens on some economic crops in the Philippines”. G.R. Dedeles, MA. J. Biol., L.V. Prado, J.C. Joson-Salvador, I.J. Dogma, Jr.
    4th Joint Conf. German Association of Microbiology & Hygiene and Assoc. Applied Microbiology, Dresden, Germany
    Oct 2014