Rank: Assistant Professor 1

Research Areas: Pharmacy



  • Ph.D. Pharmacy (Oct 2012) - University of Santo Tomas
  • M.S. Pharmacy ( Cum Laude) (Mar 2006) - University of Santo Tomas
  • B.S. Pharmacy ( Cum Laude) (Oct 2002) - University of Santo Tomas
  • B.S. Botany ( Cum Laude) (Mar 2000) - University of Santo Tomas


  • Efficacy and Safety of Tinospora cordifolia Boerl Lotion in Sarcoptes scabiei var hominis-Infected Pediatric Patients: A Single blind, Randomized Controlled Trial Agnes Castillo, Marina Osi, John  Donnie Ramos, Jean De Francia, Marylaine Dujunco and Peter Quilala [Journal-International-Co-Author] - Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics Vol 4 Issue 1 pp.39-46 (Jan-Mar 2013)
  • Immunomodulatory Effects Of Tinospora Cordifolia  Lotion On Interleukin-1, Interleukin-6 And Interleukin-8 Levels In Scabies-Infected Pediatric Patients: A Single Blind, Randomized Trial *AL Castillo, JDA Ramos, JL De Francia, PF Quilala, MU Dujunco [Journal-International-Co-Author] - Intl Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Research Vol 6 Issue 3 pp. 204-210 (Jul-Sept 2014)
  • Randomized Assessor Blind Clinical trial  on the safety and efficacy of the Aromatic oil shampoo vs 1%Permethrin shampoo in the treatment of pediculosis capitis Tanya Perez- Chua, Arnelfa Paliza and Agnes Castillo [Journal-International-Co-Author] - Philippine Journal of Dermatological Society Vol. 21 Issue 2 pp. 23- 29 (Nov 2012)