Castaño, Mary Caroline

Rank: Associate Professor III

Research Areas: Business & Management, Research Methodology



  • Ph.D. Commerce –Cum Laude (May 2005) - University of Santo Tomas Graduate School
  • M.B.A.- Magna Cum Laude (March 1996) - University of Santo Tomas Graduate School
  • B.S.C. major in B.A (March 1983) - University of Santo Tomas College of Commerce
  • B.S.C. Accounting (October 1986) - University of Santo Tomas College of Commerce


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  • Sources  Of Efficiency and Productivity Growth in the Philippine  State Universities and Colleges: A Non Parametric Approach [Book-Main-Author] –  International Business and Economics Research Journal Clute Institute FOR Academic Research (2007)
  • Efficiency of Deregulated Higher Educational Institutions: DEA Approach [Book-Main-Author] - Res Socialis Social Research Center (2007)
  • Performance Management: Application of Data Envelopment Analysis of Philippine Setting [Book-Co-Author] - UST Publishing (2008)
  • The Academia Articles [Journal-Local] - Official International Bulletin of University of Santo Tomas, ISSN0117-0083 (2009-2013)
  • Research Colloquium & Poster Exhibit [Journal-Local] (25 Jan 2010)
  • UST Graduate Book of Abstract Evaluating Performance Efficiency of Selected Private Cooperatives with Credit & Savings Functions in M.M. [Journal-Local] (29 Jan 2011)
  • UST Graduate School Book of Abstract Determinants of Auto Loan Portfolio in the Philippines [Journal-Local] (29 Jan 2011)
  • UST Graduate School Book of Abstract Efficiency of Selected Handicrafts Exporter in Metro Manila using DEA  [Journal-Local] (29 Jan 2011)
  • UST Graduate School Book of Abstract Performance Evaluation of Ayala Corporation Subsidiaries for 2004-2008 [Journal-Local] (29 Jan 2011)
  • UST Graduate School Book of Abstract Performance Measures of Special Economic Zones in China with implications for Policy Formulation  [Journal-Local] (14 May 2010)
  • UST Graduate School Book of Abstract The Impact of Transformational Leadership on the Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of Sales Groups from Top Real Estate Developers  [Journal-Local] (19 Sept 2009)
  • Book of Abstract , 22nd European  Conference on  Operational Research (July 2007)